Sexual Health & Liberation Photo Collection

In 2022, Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC) decided to build on our work in providing open-source, community-centered ads and assets to promote sexual health and wellness. This photo collection is the result of seeing a need for free assets that critically-underfunded public health agencies and community organizations could use to promote health in their communities, especially sexual health and safer drug use.

It also pushes back against the tired images that have misrepresented who our organizations are trying to reach. Too often, stock photo imagery relies on Whiteness, thinness, being non-disabled, and being cisgender. However, this is not the reality for people who have historically been detrimentally impacted by sexual health and drug-related health disparities, namely Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color (BIPOC), trans and non-binary people, disabled people, sex workers, people who use drugs, and people living with HIV.

The same can be said for the ways sexuality, mental wellbeing, sex work, and harm reduction are stigmatized or sanitized in stock photos. We hope to counter the current inhumane, inaccurate, and offensive depictions of drug use, abortion, as well as HIV and STIs. These images show us taking care of ourselves when it comes to using drugs, thinking through pregnancy options, cruising on dating apps, and receiving sexual health care.

It’s time for us, our health, and the many ways we connect with each other to be truly represented.