Below are recent articles on dating and hook-up sites and apps. These will contain mostly articles about health and changes in hook-up culture and technology that we believe are important to read.

BHOC does not endorse any of the viewpoints in the articles. However, we believe that these articles are important to know about, even if they run counter to BHOC’s and our partners’ goals.

Grindr, other dating apps are working to add STD notification features
(Mashable, 5/31/18)

On Gay Dating Apps, Hooking Up Is Out
(Vice, 6/6/17)

Using Hook-Up Apps in 2017: Emotional Health
(Apicha Community Health Center, 4/28/17)

Researchers Try Grindr App to Give Out H.I.V. Self-Testing Kits
(New York Times, 7/11/16)

How the Gay Social App Hornet Hopes to Boost Users’ HIV IQ
(Poz, 3/2/16)

Grindr Polls Users on H.I.V. Prevention Pill
(New York Times, 12/2/15)

Grindr Convinced Me to Take an HIV Test
(Vice, 12/1/15)

On SCRUFF, Coming Out About HIV Prevention Just Got a Little Bit Easier
(The, 11/12/15)

Dating Apps, Not Billboards, Are the Secret to Winning the War on STIs
(Huffington Post, 10/5/15)

This is What Grindr Has To Say About PrEP
(Huffington Post, 10/5/15)

Hornet Takes a Bold Step in Combating HIV Stigma and Promoting Education
(Queerty, 12/23/14)

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